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How to Make – and Achieve Your Business Resolutions in the New Year

What do you want to achieve this year? The New Year is here, and this is the time when many of us resolve to change. Resolutions aren't just for self-improvement though - business-related goals, such as increasing revenue, staying current on industry trends, planning in advance, improving time management, and knowing your customers better can be super helpful goals to take your business to the next level in the new year. 

Nearly two-thirds of Americans set out to improve themselves during the new year, but of that group, less than 10 percent who set out to change actually achieve their resolutions.

As you examine what you would like to accomplish this year in your business, simultaneously devise strategies for staying on-course and actually achieving those results. Whether you are pushing to build your professional network, gain more clients, or something else entirely, here are a few suggestions for how to make - and achieve your business resolutions in the New Year:

Set small tactics to support broad goals. Don’t resolve simply to increase your number of LinkedIn connections; identify actions to make it happen, such as attending networking events, joining relevant LinkedIn groups, or posting useful content to your LinkedIn profile.

Create short intervals within the year. Be specific -- if your goal is to earn more money this year than you did last year, set smaller benchmarks to get there. Evaluate where you are after each quarter of the year, for example, and update your plans accordingly.

Get a coach. Ask a colleague, friend or relative to be your goalkeeper with whom you can check in on progress, vent to, and ask for motivation. Ideally, find someone who is either on the same goal path as you, or can reciprocate by seeking your help with their own resolutions. We can’t do everything alone.

Although many of us have trouble keeping resolutions, these tips are a great way to stay on-track and ultimately be successful in improving your brokerage. So take some time to prepare! And if you're looking to take your brokerage to the next level, make sure to include LinkedIn as part of your social media strategy. Click the image below for our FREE LinkedIn guide! 

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