It’s Back to School Time...Remind your Patients to Bring in their Kids!

Posted by Kate Ranta on Aug 29, 2013 4:38:00 PM


Back-to-school is a whirlwind for parents. They're shopping for new clothes, shoes, back packs, school supplies. They're taking their kids to the doctor for sports and wellness check-ups. They probably think they've got it all covered. 

Well, maybe not. Now's a good time to remind your patients to have their children's teeth checked, too!

As you know, a dental check-up is just as important as a medical one when getting ready for the new school year. When dental problems are discovered and treated in the early stages, the damage isn’t as severe. You can let parents know that this helps prevent painful, chronic conditions. Encourage them to start their kids' school year off on the right foot by making sure their teeth are in tip top shape!

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