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7 Top Reasons to Sign Up with a Dental Savings Plan


“If Betty jumped over a bridge, would you too?” Who doesn’t know this famous line, used by parents all over the world to respond to their kids when they want to do something because other kids are doing it. And the advice is usually on point…but not this time. Following the growing number of adults 65 and older, who are enrolling in a dental savings plan is a great idea, considering the benefits.   

The number of consumers enrolling in a dental savings plan grew to 7.76 million (that’s 20 percent) in 2016 compared to enrollment numbers in 2015. Adults 65 and older on Medicare and young consumers are the major drivers of this growth. Florida takes the lead with over 1.54 million enrolled (that’s 7.6 percent of their population). New York was the third highest with 880,000 enrollees (approximately 4.4 percent of their population).

Basic Medicare does not cover dental care. This is why many get dental insurance beyond Medicare. For those members who want to save on dental services but either can’t afford or don’t want dental insurance, a dental discount plan is a good alternative. Here are seven top reasons to sign up with a dental savings plan:  

Cost: These discount plans help you do just that…save. It’s less expensive than dental insurance. Similar to having a membership at a warehouse club like Costco’s or BJ’s, you pay a fee to join and then enjoy discounts on many common dental services. Discounts vary based on the services you receive and the carrier you choose.

Coverage: Members get discounts on preventive services such as exams and routine cleanings, as well as cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening and veneers, all year long.

Provider Choice. Members have easy access to care through a broad network of providers. Plans with an open access network provide greater flexibility. This feature means members can see any network dentist for care instead of having to select or be assigned to a primary dentist.

Paperwork. There’s none. You won’t need to submit claims or other types of paper work. You simply present your card, get your discount and your service(s).

Flexibility: Members can sign up for this plan anytime throughout the year. It lasts generally for a year. With some carriers, it continues as long as the member makes the monthly payments.

Features: For the adults eligible for Medicare, deductibles and annual maximums can be a financial barrier to getting the care they need. With dental discount plans, these are removed. Plus, there are generally no waiting periods so as soon as your plan is effective, you can start saving.

Overall health: Studies show that Americans with dental benefits are more likely to visit the dentist. And since studies show us that your dental health can impact your overall health, not going is not a good option. Conditions with an oral health connection include diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis.

The truth is, in life, sometimes we are leaders and other times, we are followers. And even in following, we are still leaders because we are making the choice to follow. Many mature adults, just like you, are seeing that a dental savings plan is a great addition to the Medicare benefits they have. Even Suze Orman believes that this plan will make you smile. But don’t just follow blindly. Review the top reasons this alternative plan works. The most important reason is having an affordable dental plan that allows you to take care of your dental health, which improves your overall health and quality of life.


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