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Ask Your Dentist: Questions to Help Prepare Your Special Needs Child for the Dentist

Having a child with special needs may make you feel like your family is 1 in a million.

However, there are more families like yours than you think!

1 in 6 -- 15 percent -- of children in the United States have one or more developmental disability, according to a recent Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report.

Children with developmental disabilities are unique and have their own personal preferences. They also have their own anxieties and fears, which can pose different challenges in every day life. Going to school, getting check-ups and even having a dentist appointment can be a struggle for them. 

We've talked about how to prepare your child for going to the dentist and getting braces, but what questions should you be focusing on and asking at your child's first dentist appointment? 

We've compiled a list of some of the more hard-hitting questions that will hopefully give you peace of mind when talking to your dentist and hygienist at your next appointment! 

Do you serve the special needs population?

- This question will help you get a feel for the clientele of this dentist’s office and if they are capable of handling a special needs child like yours.

Is a pre-appointment available for my child to meet with you and your staff?

- If the office allows it, this will give you and your child the opportunity to meet with the staff beforehand and see if they are the right fit for you and your family.

My child has XYZ issues/disabilities, are you familiar with those?

- As every child is unique, so are their issues and disabilities. This question gauges whether this dentist and staff has worked in a similar situation and is prepared to work with your child.

Download our full guide below! 

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