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Open Access = Easy Access to Your Ancillary Benefits Needs

What makes Solstice’s ancillary benefits plans—such as dental and vision—stand out from the rest? Three words: open access network!

Unlike other dental or vision HMO plans you may have had, you’ll find that the open access plans offered exclusively by Solstice are unique…and hassle-free! Not sure what an open access network is? Well, it’s one where providers in the plan’s network can be used freely without a referral. With open access, you never need to pre-select a provider. And, you can switch providers as many times throughout the contract year as you want!

Open access removes the rosters process, so you can see your provider and get the treatment you need quickly. You also don’t have to worry about calling customer service to select a provider—or waiting up to a month to be added to their roster, then waiting for an appointment, then calling back to change providers, and so on and so on. This is a big time-saver—and headache reducer!
Solstice has changed dental and vision care, taking the best features of the most popular plan styles and combining them into a unique model that’s preferred by members and providers. The Solstice network is free of the pain-points associated with traditional dental and vision insurance plans. Our open access network means goodbye to frustrating rosters and hello to hassle-free benefits!

Remember, Solstice boasts:

  • Open access network!

  • No provider selection needed!

  • Flexible plans with low minimum participation!

  • No rosters!

  • No waiting period!

This is why Solstice is the best choice. For more on Solstice’s products, http://www.solsticebenefits.com/ind/solstice-products.aspx.