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Blue Light Lenses: Are They Right For You?

Everyday our vision is working overtime. As we go about our day, we are constantly putting strain on our eyes as we zoom in with laser focus on our phones, tablets and computers. Not only can these tasks cause eyestrain and tension headaches, but they also expose you to blue light.

What’s blue light? It’s the light that comes off your cellphone, tablet, television and computer screens. Minimal exposure to blue light can help you stay alert and even improve your mood – similar to natural sunlight. However, too much exposure to blue light can cause fatigue, digital eyestrain, disrupt your sleep and make it hard to focus. It can even lead to macular degeneration.

Blue light is a part of your life – and it’s here to stay. But it’s nothing to fear! Like we said, it’s good in small doses. And as research into blue light continues, there are more tools being made to help you keep your blue light exposure to safe levels. The most common and available of these tools are blue-light filtered lenses.

Blue light filtered lenses are glasses that block and absorb blue light from getting through. Recommended for nighttime wear, the benefits of blue light filtered lenses are:

  • They help prevent melatonin suppression
  • Reduce eyestrain
  • They’re affordable – with pairs ranging from $30 to $200
  • They come in many different shapes, sizes and colors with prescription options available

Minimal exposure is best when it comes to blue light but know there are options for when you need more protection. See what other important habits you can do to take care of your eye health!

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