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Colored Contacts: Finding the right shade

Brown eyed beauties wish their eyes were bright blue; Green eyed goddesses want to venture to the dark side. Simply put, we are all looking for something different – something to enhance our style/look, or maybe just to spice things up a bit. Thankfully, technology and innovation has allowed us to explore what it would look like if human eye-color genes were altered to just about any other color than what we were born with.

Playing with colors has always been a fun activity, experimenting with eye color can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for – not to mention it’s much more expensive than a pack of Crayola finger paint! So, we’ve devised a set of tips for you to consider when selecting your “new set of eyes” so that you can make the right colored contacts choice the first time.

1. Visit your optometrist.

Before you make any decision about contacts on your own, consult a professional. It’s always good to get an eye exam to check, first and foremost, if you’re illegible to wear contacts. Furthermore, you’ll want to make sure you have the right eye prescription information – especially if you’re ordering contacts outside of the doctor’s office (e.g. 1-800-contacts.com). Plus, you’ll likely need to have your eyes fitted for the right sized lenses. New to contacts? Your eye doctor can show you the proper technique for contact wear. Changing your eye color with contacts might seem like a simple fashion statement, but you also need to be sure you keep your eye health in mind. Proper use of contacts plays a big part!

 2. Decide what you want out of your contact lenses.

Do you want to go lighter or darker? Dramatic or subtle? Maybe your objective is to just enhance your natural eye color. Whatever it may be, decide which route you’re going to take. No worries – nothing is set in stone – see tip #4.

 3. Examine your features.

Take a look at your skin tone, hair and current eye color. These features will help you determine what eye color shade will look best on you. For example, those with blue-red undertones in their skin and hair should consider contacts that are earthy/warm in color, such as a light brown. If you have brown eyes or slightly darker features, try to create contrast and make your eyes pop by trying lenses that are green or blue. Sometimes, enhancing your natural color will make a world of a difference. Try your same eye color lenses to add depth and perception to your facial features. Can’t make up your mind? Many colored contact lens companies offer online “play before you pay” tools on their site. You can upload a photo and change colors on screen so you can see what you like before you commit to ordering a set.

 4. Try them all!

It’s nice to have options – and this is one product you get to be selective till your heart’s content. Your optometrist will have samples of all available lens colors for you to try at their office. In most cases, once you find the perfect one, you’ll even get a trial pair to take home (which is good for at least two weeks)!

 5.Be a smart shopper.

Just like shopping for a car, you’ll want to do some research. Your optometrist might not have the best prices on their lenses. If you’re comfortable with ordering your contacts elsewhere, check out some eyewear online sites that sell their lens at wholesale prices. Have vision insurance? Make sure that you’re maximizing your benefits and paying a minimum deductible or co-pay on your lens selection.  Colored contact lenses – especially if you don’t need a prescription – can be pretty affordable so go wild. Also look for online coupons or promotions…saving is always in style.

 Consider the five tips we’ve just mentioned to stay on track to getting the right pair of colored lenses that works for you! If you have any questions, post a comment or feel free to contact us! We’re sure your set of lenses will help you see the world with a new set of eyes!


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