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Cosmetic Dentistry: Things to Consider Before Your Procedure

So your dentist recommended a whitening treatment, or maybe you want to finally align that crooked right canine tooth that has always secretly bothered you. We mostly get procedures like these for  one simple reason - to enhance our smile.

While fixing missing, broken, or crooked teeth and restoring your smile can be exciting (or can cause major anxiety for those of us that don’t do well at the dentist, there are a few things you should take into account for your cosmetic dental services. Here are a few of them.


Finding the right cosmetic dentist.

Did you know that dentists specialize in certain services? Much like medical specialists, you should find the right type of dentist for your needs. For example: if you need teeth whitening and bleaching, you have a lot of options as most  general dentists offer this service. But if you need dental implants, you will need to look around for an oral surgeon.

When you begin your search, try looking up reviews on the dentist you are interested in to see how satisfied their other patients are. Yelp, Google reviews, and Healthgrades are some great places to begin your search. Specifics like: how long their practice has been around, where they earned their license from and what specialties they are recognized for are things to keep an eye out for while conducting your research. As always, if you have a friend or relative that can vouch for a particular dentist, use that as your most reliable resource. Your dental insurance carrier can also make some recommendations so reach out and give them a call, too.


Find a suitable location.

Chances are, you’re going to have to visit the dentist a few times before the actual procedure happens. For more advanced cosmetic services (like implants or braces), you will need a few visits to nail down your treatment plan and do some prep work before your smile restoration can begin. You’re not going to want to travel long distances every other week for your first and second consultation, the procedure, and follow-up visits. Locating a dentist near your home or work will keep things easy.

Cleanliness and comfort are also factors to consider when it comes to selecting the right dentist office. You may be sitting in the patient chair for a while. It’s important you feel relaxed in the Dentist's office environment. Make sure to choose an office you feel comfortable in before you commit to getting major work done!


Look into payment options.

Package pricing and payment plans can vary by office, location, and insurance plan. Make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck. Feel free to do some research and not lock yourself down to one office. Not only are prices different, but payment options differ as well! Dental work can be expensive, so in many cases, you will have the option to pay your bill on a monthly basis. But before you dish out the cash, make sure you have some kind of dental insurance to ease the blow! For more costly services, your dental office may carry financing programs so be sure to ask if they offer those services if you think you’ll need to finance your dental work.


Know what’s being put in your mouth.

Do you want tooth-colored restorations or veneers in your mouth? With all the fancy technology dentists experiment with, there are a variety of products patients can pick from for their procedures. Many times, depending on the material used, the price can differ just like your smile will. For example, if you’re getting a filling on a back molar, you may want to save the money and go with an amalgam filling, rather than the white porcelain you’d most commonly use on a visible front tooth. In any case, it is important to know the materials the dentist plans to put in your mouth, simply because the wear and care of each substance is different. Make sure to consult your dentist on proper care after your procedure. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your dental plan provider if these cosmetic services are covered. Sometimes a procedure with one type of material is cheaper than another. Let them help guide you to an effective yet cost-saving solution.


Now that you have finished reading, it’s time to start your research! Remember, before picking a dentist, make sure they take your dental insurance, if you have any, and if not, it may be something worth considering! Dental plans are covering more and more services – including cosmetic dental procedures, If you are interested in a dental plan, sign up for a free consultation with a Solstice team member to help you choose the best plan for you and your family! Good luck!


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