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Dentistry During COVID-19: Essential and Non-Essential Services

If you are having dental issues during quarantine, you might feel like you’re out of luck. While most dental offices are closed right now, there is some good news. Many dental offices are opening during select hours, or as needed, for patients who have a dental emergency or need an essential service. But when is your dental issue considered an emergency and essential service? To help you answer that question, here is a quick breakdown of essential and non-essential dental work!

Essential Services

Fillings: Fillings can be considered an essential service depending on the severity of the cavity. If the tooth decay is considered mild, the filling is not considered essential. But if your dentist has diagnosed the cavity as moderate or severe decay, the filling is an essential service.

Tooth Fracture Repair: If you have a tooth fracture such as chipping or cracking a tooth, and it is causing you pain, then it is considered an essential service and a dentist will be able to treat you. If you aren’t experiencing pain, it is considered non-essential. But we recommend calling your dentist and getting a teledentistry exam to make sure the fracture is safe and won’t inhibit your eating.

Endodontic Procedures: Depending on the type of endodontic work done, it is likely essential. If you have any infection, pain or swelling, related to an endodontic condition, treatment is considered essential and is available.

Extractions: Getting a tooth extracted is considered essential if the need for extraction is pain, swelling, or infection.

Orthodontic Complications: If you have braces, you might have missed your regularly scheduled adjustment due to quarantine. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to see your orthodontist if something goes awry. If you have a bracket fail or a wire bend/snap out of place, getting it repaired is considered essential. So, don’t suffer getting poked by your appliance – call your orthodontist!

Non-Essential Services

Some dental services that are considered elective are by default non-essential. You will need to wait until the quarantine is lifted to get them taken care of. They include:

If you have another issue we haven’t listed here, and you aren’t sure whether or not it is considered an emergency, contact a dentist immediately. Your dentist can help advise you on how to handle a dental emergency during COVID-19. And if you need emergency dental care during this time, make sure you have dental insurance that will cover you! Sign up for a free consultation with a Solstice team member today by clicking on the image below!

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