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Do Children Need Fluoride for Dental Health?

Regular exposure to fluoride is beneficial to children's oral health. The following are some of the benefits that children will gain from getting their yearly fluoride treatment from their dentist, as well as regular exposure to fluoride in everyday life:

  • Fluoride helps the enamel (the protective layer of minerals on one's teeth) on children's teeth to be fortified to guard against tooth decay.
  •  It protects teeth from "soft spots" (before they turn into cavities), cavities, decay, and ultimately tooth loss.
  •  Fluoride can also help build the base for strong permanent teeth once they lose their baby teeth.
Where can children get fluoride?

There are several ways to ensure your child is getting enough exposure to fluoride to maintain their overall health. Some of the following are key ways that children get exposed to fluoride:

  • Children can use a toothpaste containing fluoride when they brush their teeth twice each day.
  • Many communities add fluoride to their water supply. If your community does not, you can ask the dentist or pediatrician for a fluoride tablet prescription.
  • Your child’s dentist can apply fluoride as a topical solution to protect the enamel layer of the teeth.
Is there such a thing as too much fluoride?

Many parents are concerned about children getting too much exposure to fluoride. Fluoride poisoning is unlikely and difficult to achieve. Drinking water with fluoride and getting yearly fluoride treatments from the dentist are great ways to keep your child's teeth at their healthiest.

Look for a family dental plan that covers fluoride treatments for children. Many plans also cover treatment for adults at little to no cost.

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