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Do I Really Need Dental Insurance? The Answer Might Surprise You

You brush your teeth twice a day. You floss. You have a healthy mouth. Or maybe you don’t…but your teeth don’t hurt and you’ll just deal with paying for any problems if they happen, right? You might wonder, “Do I really need dental insurance?”

Here are a few reasons why dental insurance is not only important to have, but a great value:

Dental Insurance Pays for Itself

Oral health services are No. 7 on the list of Top 10 most costly health conditions in America. Dental insurance plans are designed specifically to reduce that cost. But even if you’re a faithful flosser, having a dental plan still saves you money. Many plans pay for themselves after your first dentist visit. Visiting the dentist one time for your regular annual dental checkup can cost as much, if not more, than the dental plan itself!  If you need something a little more substantial from the dentist, such as a cavity filled or a crown or braces…or if you have an emergency where you accidentally chip a tooth, your plan will save you substantially on those bigger ticket items, too.

Dental Insurance is Surprisingly Affordable

Whether you purchase a dental plan through your employer as part of your employee benefits or you purchase them on your own, you’ll find that the cost of a plan is less than one cup of coffee a week. A dental policy costs for a year what a medical policy does for a month…and it’s a smart investment as dental insurance costs have remained stable over the past five years.

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Your Oral Health Directly Impacts Your Overall Health.

According to the 2016 NADP Consumer study, lack of having dental insurance is the main reason people are not visiting a dentist regularly. But did you know that having poor oral health can lead to more than just bad teeth and gums? Your oral health impacts heart disease, diabetes, stroke, dementia, and can even lead to pre-term birth. There have been consistent links between good oral health and good overall health. A dental insurance plan will help to ensure that your oral health is where it needs to be. As such, that can help you and your family be in better health in general. 

Dental insurance is one of the best ways to manage dental costs. Dental insurance plans are an easy and affordable way to protect your smile, your health, and your wallet.

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