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Five Things to Look for When Selecting an Optometrist

Vision health is very important, which means it's necessary to see an eye doctor who has experience, proper training and a genuine concern for patients.

Here are five things to look for when selecting an optometrist:


Optometrists need to have excellent training that allows them to properly diagnose, treat and prevent a variety of eye conditions. They should have achieved board certification and have a license to practice through the State Board of Optometry or the State Medical Board. Both the certificate and license should be displayed in an area where they are easily visible to patients.

Offered Services

It's often beneficial to choose an eye doctor who provides a wide variety of services. However, seeing one that provides specialized treatment options may offer you more specific care when it comes to eye conditions such as cataracts. It's important for you to know your eye health care needs in order to determine the right optometrist for you.

Office Hours and Location

You never know when a problem is going to arise, such as an eye infection or the need to have your eyeglasses adjusted. This is why it's important to find an optometrist who has flexible hours. You should also consider where the office is located. Do you want one near your home or work? You can use your provider directory to find an optometrist that’s near your desired location.


Online reviews make it easy to find out about an optometrist’s reputation with patients. Simply Google the name of the practice, along with the city and state you desire. Scan as many reviews as you think you need to help make a decision. Read the 4-5 star reviews as well as any poor reviews. You’ll get a good idea about what to anticipate.


After your first appointment, you should evaluate the optometrist by asking yourself: Was the exam rushed or thorough? Were all of your questions answered in a clear manner? Were you comfortable with the doctor and the staff? If you answered "no" to these questions, it's best to try a different optometrist.

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