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Halloween Health Tips: Oral Care Tricks after Treats!

Your kids are anxiously awaiting next week’s trick-or-treating adventure. Their excitement over costumes, dressing up as their favorite princess or superhero, and of course candy—lots and lots of candy— is all they talk about at home! It’s probably in the back of your mind that all these sugary treats can create cavities, but don’t let goodies spook you; a few simple Halloween health tips can keep your kids’ mouths safe from tricky dental issues.

Here are a few oral health tips for Halloween:

“BOO!”…THEN BRUSH: Once the candy has been collected, and they’ve said their “BOOs!” and “TRICK-OR-TREATS,” your children will want to dig right into their Halloween loot. Be careful, though: sugary sweets, especially caramel and hard candy, can become stuck between teeth after eating. The bacteria that causes gum disease and cavities just love this. Your goblins can still enjoy their treats, just be sure they brush after eating to keep decay away.

FRIGHT-FREE FLOSSING: Peanuts, chewy candy, taffy and more can get caught between kids’ back molars (even the front teeth, too!). These gooey bits of candy can be hard to reach and remove-- even with proper brushing. Make sure they floss after brushing. Helpful tip: In addition to sliding the floss between the teeth, move the floss in an up and down motion to dislodge any sneaky candy bits or nuts. If your child has braces, he or she should avoid both hard and chewy candy and nuts. Chocolate is a better choice.

SAVE IT FOR DESSERT: Enjoying Halloween candy after dinner is more than just a sweet ending to their meal; it helps keep the sugar-loving bacteria at bay. After meals, your child’s mouth has extra saliva, and this helps whisk away cavity-causing acids and bacteria.

Trick-or-treating doesn’t have to be scary for your children’s pearly whites. You’re now armed with these simple oral care tricks to keep your trick-or-treaters’ smiles safe and sound.


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