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Holiday No-Nos: Keep your Teeth Healthy this Season

You want to spend the holidays with your family—not at the dentist, right?  You can take steps to ensure you remain at home during the holidays and not in the dentist’s chair! Here are a few easy ones that can make a big impact on your oral health! 

  1. Don’t crunch down on hard candy. Those round delicious holiday candies can be irresistible, without a doubt. And there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a few. But try to suck on them for a while until they get smaller, and do not bite down on the candy. That’s one way to chip or crack a tooth. Who wants to have a tooth fixed, a root canal, or a crown repair?
  2. Say no to chewy treats. Just as hard candy can harm teeth, so do chewy treats. The sticky substances cling to your teeth’s enamel—this can be tough to remove and can lead to tooth decay. And, the thicker chewy candies such as caramel can actually pull out fillings! Who needs that?
  3. Use scissors to open gifts. In a rush to tear into gifts and remove those twisty ties from toys, don’t try to cut corners by using your teeth. They aren’t the right tool for the task. You can crack your teeth by doing that or even harm your gums. Take the extra few seconds to grab those scissors.
  4. Don’t crack nutshells with your teeth. It may be tempting and seem quicker, but cracking shells can do big-time damage to your teeth and gums. Use a nut-cracking device instead. Your teeth will thank you!

While these tips may seem fairly obvious, most of us have done at least one of these things during the holidays. Keep your smile healthy this season by keeping these tips in mind. Happy holidays! And if you're looking to keep your oral health and diet in line, check out our FREE cookbook by clicking the image below!