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How Your Smile Improves Your Job Prospects

While I was in a public relations class in college, over a decade ago, we talked about the topic of appearances and how it affects the way people view each other. Our professor described different features and appearances of people and how each was perceived. It was educational, fascinating and ridiculous. Here are a few examples:

  • People who wore darker colors to an interview were viewed as reserved, serious and competent. Pinks, yellows and greens were out of the question. Let’s not even talk about red! 

  • A woman with her hair straight or in a bun is a serious worker; a woman with curly, loose hair is fun but not an ideal candidate for a serious job.

  • Tall men appear more attractive and confident. 

No matter how we feel about these impressions, it’s hard to argue with the fact that our appearance does impact how people see and respond to us. A big part of your appearance is your smile, an asset that can increase your chances of landing your dream job.

So, here are a few ways your smile improves your job prospects:

Whiter Teeth Improves Your Chances at Getting Hired

According to a study, The Impact of Whiter Teeth on Key First Impression, people who have whiter teeth have a higher chance of being hired, as well as being offered higher salaries.In fact, in the simulated job interviews, 58 percent of the people who participated were hired and 53 percent got offered higher salaries after they whitened their teeth. Is it time to consider whitening your teeth?

Straight Teeth are Seen as Smarter and More Successful

People with straight teeth are seen as smarter and more accomplished; this increases their chances of landing a job. What’s more is that in this perception study, two-thirds of Americans indicate they are more likely to remember someone with attractive features, such as nice teeth, more so than someone with features they don’t find attractive. Being remembered is certainly a good thing when you’re competing with a lot of other job seekers.

Having a Full Smile Leaves Positive Impressions

Having all your teeth, especially those that are visible, results in people seeing you in a positive way, which is always a good thing when you want to impress a potential employer. The first benefit is that you feel confident when you speak and smile, not embarrassed or self-conscious. You also appear to be a picture of health and wellbeing to potential employers. Therefore, they are comfortable with you meeting clients and being the face of their organization.

In reality, height, hair or the color of someone’s suit is not an accurate indicator of his or her personality or ability. People still need to spend time with someone to know them; however, that’s not going to happen on an interview. You have a small window of time to make a positive impression. So as you prepare for your job interview, consider a smile makeover because having a healthy smile can be the edge you need to get your dream job.


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