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New Dentures Won’t Happen Overnight

The good news for you and your smile: you and your dentist have decided it's time for you to get dentures. The bad news: getting them won’t happen overnight. As much as you may dread the idea, there is a process to go through to get properly fitting ones. These will not only look natural, but will be fitted well to serve you for years.

Perhaps you've had ongoing issues with your oral health that can no longer be corrected any other way. At this point it's quite probable that you've had other teeth removed in the past, so it's no surprise that now it's time to have the rest of them extracted.

Depending on your unique situation, level of pain endurance and your dentist’s workload, they may choose to remove all your remaining teeth at once, or do it in stages. In some situations they may even refer you to an oral surgeon. With a visit to an oral surgeon, it's not uncommon to remove a dozen or more remaining teeth in a single visit. The upside to this is that it will enable you to get your permanent dentures sooner.

Once your existing teeth are removed, your dentist will want you to heal up adequately so that they can take a mold of your gums to build your new teeth upon. Healing of your gums completely can take a while depending on how many of your remaining teeth were removed on your previous visit. The healing process may require another visit to remove stitches and check on your progress.

As a way to help the healing process along, some dentists will give you temporary dentures to get you used to wearing them for extended periods. Some may suggest other methods for healing, such as chewing gum to toughen up your now exposed gums. Either way, your dentist has your best interests and oral health in mind. As well, it's in your best interests to follow their directions closely.

Once you're healed and the technician has had time to build them, you'll come back for a fitting of your permanent teeth. During this visit, you'll try them on, and a dental technician will make some adjustments to ensure a proper fit. This technician will also instruct you in the proper care, cleaning and maintenance of your new teeth.

It's not unusual for you to have additional visits to your dentist to make further adjustments as your gums settle into your new dentures. Ill fitting ones can cause permanent damage to your gums and mouth, requiring you to start most of this process all over again.

All-in-all, the benefits of getting dentures to replace failing natural teeth is a worthwhile investment. Not only will your new teeth improve your ability to properly chew and digest your food, they will give you a great smile. As added bonuses, they will make you look and feel younger. These perks will only help to improve your overall self confidence.

When making an investment in yourself, it's best to at least know what to expect going in. The process may be long, but the reward of a great smile is worth it!

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