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Picking the Right Eyeglass Frames to Frame Your Face

Need a new pair of glasses but can’t decide on a frame to fit your face shape? You may have not considered this, but there are specific eyewear frame styles that can look better on you depending on the shape of your face. Don’t know what category face shape you fall into? Allow us to help.

Oval Shape

The most universal/common face shape – people with oval shaped faces tend to have fairly balanced proportions. The face of those that fall into this category is often a bit longer than it is wide.

Try this:

Frames that add dimension and depth will enhance your facial features. You can experiment with just about any rectangular or square frame. If you’re feeling a little bold, try butterfly-shaped frames to add little flair to your look. Make sure that the frames do not overpower your face – try to pick a style that is not wider than your face, so that your face won’t look round. Avoid circular and oversized frames that hide your natural features.


Heart Shape

A little wider towards the top of the head and increasingly narrower going down, those with heart shaped faces usually have a prominent jaw line and high cheekbones.

Try this:

Those that fall into this category should focus on finding frames that are wider under your eyes to balance a narrow chin. Circular/round frames work well with this face shape, as do flair-y frames like the butterfly frame previously mentioned. To keep things in proportion, try to stray from wearing frames with decorative tops and heavy rims. The thinner the frame, the better for this face shape.


Square Shape

If your features, such as your jaw line or cheekbones are very pronounced and you have distinctive angles that make up your face, chances are you have a “square-shaped” face. A wider chin and forehead are usually indicative of this face shape as well.

Try this:

Because people with this face shape already have square features, it’s better to steer clear of all square/rectangular shaped frames. Stick to round and oval frames to create curves on a square-shaped face. This will also help lengthen the face and soften pronounced natural angles. Any frame that is flat on the bottom might not be the most flattering style for this face structure! It’s all about balance.


Circle Shape

Those with circle-shaped faces usually have round and less angular features. A rounded chin and full cheeks are characteristics of circular face structures. Most of the time, circular faces are just about the same length wide as they are long.

Try this:

The goal with finding glasses for a round face is to elongate the face. Focus on drawing attention to the eyes in order to balance the face. This can be done by avoiding circular/round frames that will add to the roundness, and instead wearing frames that are square/narrow. By giving your face more angles you will be able to enhance your natural features.


Now you know how to choose the best eyeglass frames to frame your face. We know frames can be pricey - make sure you have vision coverage!


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