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Root Canal vs. Extraction: 3 Reasons to Choose a Root Canal

The” butterfly effect” explains the idea that a small action can cause massive, unexpected results. This phrase, made popular by MIT meteorologist, Edward Lorenz, not only applies to climate changes, it surprisingly applies to your mouth. Because the environment in your mouth is so interconnected, one small action, such as extracting a tooth, has far reaching results that you may not have expected. This is why, according to the American Association of Endodontists, a large number of Americans have chosen root canals over extractions. So here are three compelling reasons to choose a root canal over an extraction when you have the option.

You avoid beginning an unpleasant chain of events.

 The mouth, like the earth system we live in, is a sensitive environment. One thing affects another. When a tooth is removed, a negative chain of events begin. The other teeth, over time, begin to shift in order to fill the space left by the missing tooth. As teeth push against other teeth, it can cause various problems such as crooked teeth and jaw problems. It even causes problems chewing and biting.

You pay less in the long run.

Because removing a tooth can cause the challenges described above, it’s important to fill the empty space. There are two main, permanent ways of doing this: a bridge or an implant. Now, if you choose a bridge, dentists usually have to shave down teeth on either side of the space to anchor the crown being used to fill the space. This means that you now have to pay for a three unit bridge instead of the root canal and crown. And on top of that, two healthy teeth were also affected. The other option, dental implants, does not require shaving down adjacent teeth but is an expensive option that few dental insurers cover.

Your natural teeth affect your appearance.

It’s a breeze to smile with confidence and not be self-conscious when you have your natural teeth. Those teeth close to the front of the mouth especially, play a critical role in how we look and feel. Actually, it would not be a stretch to say that not having our natural teeth can have a negative effect on our self esteem. Many feel less attractive and believe missing teeth, or crowns and dentures make them appear older.

While we live in a time of history, where the options for replacing missing teeth in a way that looks natural is greater than ever before, nothing looks more natural and functions quite like your natural teeth. So, if given the option, like many Americans, choose to save your teeth via root canal.


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