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Where Do I Get Calcium Besides Milk? Six Calcium Rich Foods

Everyone has heard the saying about how milk does the body good (and teeth too). However, many struggle with finding alternatives to milk to get the appropriate calcium intake. So, if you’re wondering “Where do I get calcium besides milk?” you’ll soon find out! The amount of calcium available in other foods is surprisingly abundant, and it can be found in vegetables and fruits among other food groups. Here are six calcium rich foods you may not have yet considered:

  • Collard Greens - This leafy green, traditionally found in the southern dish of the same name, is loaded with 84 milligrams of calcium per cup.
  • Broccoli - Yet another green food that is a solid source of calcium. It doesn't have quite the level of calcium as other foods (86 milligrams for every two cups - raw), but it is a great and healthy way to boost your calcium levels.
  • Kale - Dubbed as a "superfood", that may be an accurate label. One benefit of this superfood is the 101 milligrams delivered per 1 cup of diced kale. 
  • Figs - Yes, you heard that right.  The sweet and sticky fruit contains 68 milligrams of calcium for every half cup. For those of you with a sweet tooth, getting your daily calcium intake is that much easier.
  • Oranges - This might be the most unexpected of the group, but oranges are an excellent source to supplement your calcium intake. One large orange will give you about 74 milligrams of calcium.
  • Cheese - A product of milk, but so very different (and delicious)! A mere 1 oz., or one slice, of cheese will provide you with 202 milligrams of calcium. Throw some cheese on your kale salad and now we’re really talking!

Finding available sources of calcium isn't difficult, it simply requires a little digging.  Milk is good and good for the body, but so are many other foods. So, take some time now and again to review your diet and make sure that you are giving your body what it needs. Your body and your health will appreciate it in the long run.