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Why Do My Eyes Squeak?

Rumbling stomach, ringing ears, cracking joints, whistling nose. We’re inclined to investigate when our bodies make odd noises—even more so thanks to “Dr. Google,” a.k.a. the Internet. While most of these occurrences are common (and usually harmless), there are also more offbeat ones, like squeaking eyes.

Why do my eyes squeak?

Whether you’re tired, have allergies or are trying to remove a stray eyelash, you might rub your eyes. It’s almost involuntary. But what does it mean when you do this and your eyes seem to produce a squeaking sound? Don’t worry; the cause is harmless!

The squeaking noise is escaping air that was trapped in the lacrimal system—the structure housing the tear ducts. When you rub your eyes, you manipulate and put pressure on the tear duct, which causes a squishing sound of air and tears.

Every part of our bodies is connected in some way. When you have a toothache, for example, the lymph nodes in the area sometimes swell up to help you fight the infection. Because our eyes and nose are connected (this is why you get a runny nose from crying), air can enter the eye’s lacrimal sac through the duct that connects it to the nose.

While not as off-putting as so-called eye boogers or painful like a scratched cornea, squeaking eyes might cause concern. Rest assured that there is no cause for alarm. And if you';re looking to learn more about your vision health, download our FREE ebook below! 


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