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Why is There a Blue Ring Around My Eye?

Your vision seems fine, but you notice a blue ring around the iris (the pigmented portion) of your eyes. This can happen with eyes of any color, but can be more noticeable with brown eyes.

We’ve heard of eyes appearing yellow due to various conditions relating to the pancreas, gallbladder or liver. But what exactly does a blue ring around the iris of the eye mean?  Should you be worried? Not necessarily.

Why is there a blue ring around my eye?

The blue ring around your iris is most likely a corneal arcus—a cholesterol deposit in the eye. The ring, which can also appear gray or white, appears to surround the iris of your eye but is actually located within the cornea—the transparent outer layer of your eye.

Corneal arci are considered benign, and usually do not require treatment. This condition should not affect or damage your vision, and while it is common in older patients, it is rare in those under age 40. Younger patients with corneal arci should be evaluated for potential high cholesterol levels. However, as with any suspected eye ailment, it’s also wise to seek a complete exam from a vision provider.

Aside from checking your vision for new glasses or contact lenses, eye exams also can uncover aspects of overall health. For example, diabetes can cause swelling of the macula and small blood vessel leaks in the eye.

If you haven’t visited your eye doctor in over a year, schedule an appointment today. Prepare for your appointment by reviewing what tests your provider will perform. Regular exams are essential for prevention and management of eye health.


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