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Can Having a Cold Cause Blurry Vision?

Cold season seems like it is always right around the corner. When those symptoms hit you, it is no secret that you do not feel your best--which can affect your productivity, mood, and stamina. Depending on the strain's severity, a cold virus can affect your health in more ways than just a runny nose. This can include symptoms like swollen nasal passages, headaches, temporary hearing loss, muscle aches, and impaired vision due to sinus pressure! 

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The Why

Adenoviruses are responsible for common head colds and tend to attack the sensitive areas in our upper body. This includes the sinuses, front of the throat, and even the eyes (thus the overall term, "head" cold)! Once infected, these areas can become irritated, inflamed, swollen, and subject to pressures caused by congestion. 

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The How

Sometimes an infection can develop into the pink eye, often called "a cold in the eye." Considering the virus that causes this is the same one that causes a cold, it is not surprising that they share similar symptoms. Symptoms include red/watery eyes, discharge, and swollen eyelids. Blurred vision is uncommon but can certainly happen because of these factors. When the infection spreads into the eye, blurry vision may result, as well as seeing halos around lights in some cases.

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The Cure

While blurry vision caused by the common cold or pink eye can undoubtedly be alarming and uncomfortable, it often clears up relatively quickly. Colds tend to clear up within seven to 14 days or with prescription medicine from your eye doctor when needed.

Check with your eye doctor if you are experiencing any abnormality in your vision. Should you experience a thick yellow or green eye discharge, pain behind the eye, or notice uneven pupils, contact your doctor immediately to set up an appointment.  Regularly visit your eye doctor annually as an essential part of maintaining your overall health! 

Fight off colds as best you can by washing your hands often and getting lots of vitamin C!

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