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Five Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Teeth (and Gums) Clear All Year

It’s a new year, and it’s time for a few new tips and tricks to keep your teeth clean and clear! Many of us don’t take note of the items we consume on a daily basis and how they can hinder our oral health and appearance. Becoming a bit more aware of the effects of these actions and how you can fix them with a few small tweaks can really make all the difference. Let us show you how:

1. Drink tea

There are ingredients, such as flavonoids, in tea that can help teeth stay clean and free from harmful bacteria that is prone to stick on them. There are high levels of fluoride in tea which will keep your gums feeling and looking fresh. Having one cup of tea daily is enough to take advantage of this helpful tip and notice a difference in your oral hygiene and overall health.

2. Know your pigmented drinks

There are certain items we consume on a regular basis that can leave nasty residue on our pearly whites. Many of us like to enjoy our daily morning coffee, or a glass of red wine with our dinner. We’re not here to tell you to cut these items out completely, but be conscious of the amount you are consuming. If you’re a coffee-aholic and must have your standard three cups a day, carry a toothbrush with you and try brush shortly after you’re done! 

3. Watch your sugar intake

You’ve been hearing the same thing since you were a kid – candy is no good for your teeth! Why is that? Because it’s loaded with sugar, which once attached to your teeth, becomes oral plaque that’s difficult to remove. Sugary candies, foods and drinks can and will wear away the enamel on your teeth, making them lose their shine and over time, deteriorate your teeth as a whole – especially if you don’t brush and floss properly.

4. Get more water and clean foods in your system

Water is not only good for the body as a whole, but it serves as an oral cleanser. Drinking water frequently flushes off bacteria you may have hanging on your teeth. Take it a step further and try munching on foods and snacks throughout the day that promote squeaky clean teeth. Apples, celery and carrots are a few options for you to consider. Put this suggestion into play, and your smile will be looking fabulous, and so will your overall physical appearance!

5. Clean your tongue

Whenever you brush your teeth, take an extra minute to clean your tongue as well. Your tongue touches everything you put in your mouth and holds saliva, which also has its own set of bacteria in it. Not only will you be eliminating bacteria, but you will also be freshening your breath in the process! FYI, using a tongue scraper is the most effective method. 


These simple little enhancements to your daily lifestyle can make a huge difference in your overall appearance. Each of these could be easily implemented into your life – the choice is yours to make. It’s your time. Get a little healthier and make that smile a lot brighter in 2015. Good luck!


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