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How to select the right eyeglass frames for your skin tone

Earlier this month, we shared tips on how to select the right frames for your face based on its shape. Now, we’re bringing you a guide on how to pick frames according to your skin color. Believe it or not, the color of a frame can impact your overall appearance just as much as the shape. Selecting the right shade of frames can enhance your natural skin, hair and eye color. This is how:

Light Skin Lads

If your skin is very fair to fair (or you burn rather than tan), this is for you. People with light skin tend to look best in softly tinted frames because of the pop of color and contrast it creates. Because light skin has less warm features than darker skin, slightly pigmented frames add depth and vibrancy to the face.

Try this:

If you want to go with warmer colors, look into frames that are more peachy/pink with yellow undertones. Neutrals like a blush pink will work nicely. For a cooler look, keep the peach-based frame with blue undertones. This may be an appealing look especially if you have light hair or eyes. An eye-catching aqua or opal is sure to do the trick! 

Medium Skin Models

You may have a bit more of an olive or golden glow to your skin, which makes you the perfect candidate for funky, cool color frames! People with medium skin tones have the ability to play around with multiple frame styles since they are in the middle of the color board – you lucky dogs, you!

Try this:

We recommend frames with pink and blue undertones. Try a blue based red like cranberry that will really reflect against your skin and hair – whatever color it may be! Want to keep it a little more low-key? How about a warm mahogany color? The yellow undertones add a little pop of color without the command-for-attention cherry red creates.

 Dashing Dark Tones

For those that have medium dark to very dark skin color, you have a wide range of options when it comes to picking a frame color that suits your appearance. Dark tones individuals, in many cases, tend to have darker eye and hair features as well, which allows them to really rock bright, exotic color frames!

Try this:

Want to try a jubilee red? How about a funky green? Or tone it down with a classic black eyeglass frame? All of these options work well for you! The brightness of your frames will attract attention to your face and enhance your facial features.If you care to be daring enough to try a very specific color, it will also serve as an excellent fashion statement piece. Wear it. Own it.


If you find this article helpful, be sure to check out our tips on selecting the right frames for your face shape! If you have a good handle on that part of the selection process, then have fun trying on different colors to see which you like best. Pick one that matches your personality and style – make it an experience! Who said playing with colors was only for kids?


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