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Parent Hack: 3 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Save Money When Using Dental Insurance 

You have dental insurance: excellent! You’re already ahead of the game when it comes to saving your family money at the dentist. While having a dental plan and using it to its fullest is the right step, these three easy tips will help you save even more at your next dental appointment and avoid any unexpected charges:


  • Your Schedule of Benefits is Your Secret Weapon for Savings

Before you or your family members visit the dentist, print out a copy (or download it to your smartphone). Your schedule of benefits details what you’ll pay for each service you receive. Think of it like a menu at a restaurant. Each menu item has a price listed – so you’ll know what to pay every step of the way.

Take your savings skills one step further and call your dentist before your visit and ask them what ADA codes or what treatment you’ll be receiving. You can match those with your schedule of benefits in your dental plan and know your out-of-pocket costs before your visit! Sayonara, surprises!

  • Customer Service is your Sidekick

As a parent, you know better than anyone that sometimes unexpected things come up. You think you’re going in for your standard cleaning and you actually need a deep cleaning. Or your dentist discovers a cavity in your kiddo’s molar. Or you’re checking out and the cost is different than what you expected.

 The good news: you’re not flying solo. That’s where customer service comes in to help. On your dental insurance ID card (or on your insurance company’s website) you can find the customer service department’s number. Give them a call and they can help you navigate the costs of these procedures or talk with your dentist office staff to check your invoice and costs.

 Consumer savings tip: don’t be shy! if you’re not sure, give customer service a call while you’re at the dentist and clear things up before you pay.

  •  A Treatment Plan is your Suit of Armor

When you or your family need more than the basic cleaning (hello, braces!), it’s helpful to have your dental insurance company review your treatment plan. Your dentist can give you a copy of the proposed treatment, timeline and costs. Share that with your insurance company; they will check the plan to maximize your dental benefits.

 You have a lot on your plate as a parent, these savings tips will help lighten your load. The wise investment you made in having a dental plan pays offeven more when you tap into your schedule of benefits, customer service support, and treatment plan protection!

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