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5 Tips to Help Make Digital Client Meetings a Success

Due to COVID-19, health insurance brokers across the country have had to adapt to working remotely – and that means making your meetings digital. Whether you feel like an expert or novice when it comes to virtual meetings, here are 5 tips to help you take your client meetings to the next level!

 1) Choose the Correct Platform

Most remote client meetings are done via phone call or video call. Both platforms can be effective, but video calls can bring you some distinct advantages when it comes to connecting with your clients remotely. Here are a few:

  • They allow for ‘face-to-face’ interaction
  • They allow you and the client to see facial expressions and body language
  • You can easily share your screen to show your clients graphs or plan design

Whether you choose a video call or a phone call, make sure you choose the right tools for your meeting. If you’re going to do a video call (or a phone call from a computer application), make sure to use a software that’s reliable and easy to use!

2) Whatever the Platform, Be Yourself

There are lots of great tips for engaging clients over the phone, but one that can make or break your phone or video call is your tone. It can be difficult to be yourself on the phone or video call as much as you are in person – connecting remotely can make you feel awkward and uncertain. But it is important to remember you always want to portray your best self to your clients and prospects. Make sure you sound engaged and confident while keeping a normal pace. Talking too fast, too loudly, or too quietly can create anxiety in both you and your client, just like it would in person. So, speak with the same care and confidence you would if you were meeting in person!


3) Remember Video Call Etiquette

Making your next client call a video call is a great idea! As we mentioned above, video calls allow you to have a virtual face-to-face interaction with your clients. But if you don’t properly prepare for your video call, it can work against you. Some factors you might not think about that can have a big impact on your call are the lighting, background noise, and camera positioning. If the lighting in your office space is harsh or too close to the camera, it can create a poor visual and make the video quality seem worse than it is, leaving you not looking your best. Take your video call in a quiet area with natural light and the camera positioned at eye level, without any artificial light facing the camera. You want to keep you and your clients focused on your meeting and not sidetracked by any background noises or distractions. These tips will keep the video looking high-quality and professional!


4) Set A Meeting Goal and Agenda

Preparation is a key part of every meeting, but it is especially important for virtual meetings. If your clients don’t understand the purpose of the meeting, they might not feel confident they got what they needed out of it or they may not even attend! Identify your meeting’s purpose and make all the items you’ll discuss clear to your team and your client by providing a meeting agenda. This gives everyone confidence in what to expect and allows them to directly respond with relevant questions and information. For example, if you’re meeting a new client for the first time, actively identify that your goal is to get to know their company and their benefits needs. Then lay out all the items you want to discuss during the meeting to achieve that goal. This will immediately get them thinking about things they can share with you. And as a plus, identifying your meeting goals and creating an agenda helps you create a pace for the meeting, so you finish on time!


5) Follow Up with a Recap Email Promptly

When people meet on their phone or from their laptop, they are much more likely to be distracted during the meeting or immediately after. Maybe they receive an urgent email or IM they need to check as soon as the meeting concludes, or maybe their dog is at their feet begging for a quick walk – whatever it is, when working remotely people multitask more, and that can mean forgetting meeting details easier. It quickly reminds people of what you went over, what the next steps are, and gives them a written record in case the details slip to the back of their mind later.

Virtual meetings can be a great tool to connect with your clients and closing new sales. And excelling at virtual meetings shows your clients and prospects you are adaptable and can be reached to help them even when traditional meetings aren’t possible. If you’re looking to learn more ways you can help your clients (and earn some CE Credits along the way), click the link below for up to 12 hours of CE courses, for FREE!

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