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Advantages of Insurance Brokers: Why you’re Invaluable

As an insurance broker, you are one of your clients’ most important partners. You’re an expert in your field, giving unbiased advice on health insurance benefits based on your knowledge of what your clients need. Finding cost-effective coverage at competitive prices and negotiating good deals on behalf of your clients is your job. And, you’re good at it.

When selling your services to clients, don’t forget to mention the following advantages of insurance brokers—all of which are key ways you bring value to the table:

  • You build relationships. You create and maintain relationships with insurance companies whose products align with your clients’ needs. You can leverage these relationships in order to provide a service that clients need when choosing insurance.
  • You’re an important advisor. As a key advisor, you work hand in hand with your clients to provide the best advice and service. By knowing your clients, you can help adapt their insurance coverage for their employees as their business needs change. 
  • You’re flexible when it comes to your clients’ needs. It’s so important to be flexible to the many different ways clients like to communicate. You know this, and you adjust. Many of your clients may prefer face-to-face discussions about coverage, at least at first. However, you can let them know that you are reachable in many ways. Depending on customers’ preferences, you can be available via phone, email, text, social media and so on.
  • You’re trustworthy. Gaining clients’ trust through good faith and making their interests a priority will go a long way. Customers will be loyal if they know they can count on you—because you’ve always made solid recommendations.
  • You’re a strong advocate. You go to bat for your clients. Being an advocate for them should they have issues with their coverage—and ensuring the carrier acts quickly and fairly—is paramount. You can show clients that your services can save them from pesky administrative tasks, refused claims and other financial problems.
  • You’re filled with industry knowledge. No one knows this industry better than you do. You know how to navigate the confusing and ever-changing health insurance arena. In fact, you can play a key advisory role in health care exchanges. This knowledge alone makes you invaluable.

There you have it! These are all ways you can let your clients know that you’re a key advisor for them—and one that they need and can rely on!

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