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Broker Business Tips for the New Year

Most brokers will agree that last year was a crazy one when it came to business. For many, there were highs and lows throughout the year. If you take a look back, you can probably point some of those moments out for yourself. Needless to say, broker business life is not a one-size-fits-all job, and is anything but consistent.

This year, there will also be moments of success and failures that you will have to overcome. We’re not here to tell you it’s going to be easy – because it won’t – but we are here to provide advice as to how to overcome possible obstacles along the way as quickly and painlessly possible.

Perhaps you’ve already had situations this past year that have given you a new roadmap of where you are looking to be going forward. Whether your business enhancements for the upcoming year are related to finances, marketing efforts, or even personal development – now is the time to mentally prepare yourself on how and why you are going to tackle these items. Here’s our personal list of broker business tips for the new year that we hope will help give you a head start:

Make your customers knock on your door

The days of cold-calling and mailers are over. Most mass emails sent out are automatically sent to your potential clients’ “spam” or “junk” folders. The truth is, not everyone is interested in your business and services. There are ways to weed through these people and gain a targeted list of leads that could eventually become your customers. This method is most commonly referred to as inbound or inbound marketing. Statistics indicate that there are 57 percent more leads with inbound marketing as opposed to outbound marketing. How do you start finding these prospects? Build on online presence. Which brings us to our next business tip for the new year…

Build an online presence

Nearly everything is done digitally nowadays. The internet is here to stay, so if you have yet to build a website, start a blog, get on Facebook, create a Twitter account, or make a LinkedIn profile – what are you waiting for? Half of the buying process for an individual is completed once they pick up the phone to call a business. Why? Because they’ve already done their research online on the company and their services! Letting people know who you are by creating an online presence will not only educate people, but give you the potential to reach untapped markets for your business. Remember – the internet is free and global – that’s some powerful stuff!

Create quality content

Let’s say you already have a website and social media accounts – what are you offering to your clients on them? Content marketing is probably the easiest and cheapest way to market your business. One should never underestimate the power of writing. People go online to search for the answers to their questions – so why not be their go-to source? Creating a blog or even putting out some free offers, e.g. downloadable whitepapers and e-books, with the proper use of keywords and other SEO tactics can really enhance your views online, and in turn, bring endless leads to your door. Hey, it’s been working for us! You are reading this blog post, after all.

Stay organized

This goes for everything you do – whether it’s your daily tasks, meetings, or even all that quality content you’re going to work on, you need structure and a clear focus. There are different ways to go about this. One of the most common, recommended tips would be to keep a calendar/planner. Writing things down will help you make sure all your deliverables are complete and help you meet your deadlines. This enhances your productivity, and in turn, develops your business. Don’t underestimate this simple tip that could really help in the long run.

Whether you already have started practicing some of the tips above or not, it’s not too late to start. Think of this year as a fresh start. If this year didn’t work out as planned, this is your opportunity to make things happen. If you’re pleased with your outcome from last year, try finding areas where you can take your good business practices up a notch. One thing remains consistent for all of us – there is always room for improvement! Have a happy new year!

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