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4 Ways to Build and Maintain Relationships with Clients

Options, options, options. Whether it’s having over 30 different brands of toothpaste to choose from, or hundreds of cable channels, consumers have choices. This also applies to employer groups. They have a lot of options when it comes to choosing which broker they partner with; so, why should they choose you? The key is knowing how to successfully build and maintain relationships with clients, where they know that their needs are your priority.  

It cannot be overstated that how you handle these relationships can make or break you. If handled well, you will inspire loyalty from your clients; and once you have won their loyalty, there’s a great chance they will refer other people to you.

Whether you're a new broker trying to grow your business and build a client base, or you've been in the industry a long time and are looking to maintain and grow your client base, there are a few things you can do to help you keep the focus on your customers.

Tips to Build and Maintain Relationships with Clients

  1. CommunicationWhether it's by in person meeting, phone, text or social media, stay in touch with your clients. This is key to building and maintaining relationships. Let customers know about changes to your business and in the industry, discounts and advantages you can provide, and how your business can help them. Start a blog or email newsletter and use it as a central place to communicate with your clients. Be sure to keep all communication professional yet friendly.

  2. AuthenticityMarketing studies show that clients expect authenticity when it comes the people with whom they do business. By maintaining an open and honest relationship with your clients, you are showing them that you value them. Building a customer base through lies or false information and promises will only backfire on you and hurt your business. Cultivate trusted relationships with your clients and watch your client satisfaction - and their loyalty to you - grow.

  3. Be an Invaluable ResourceBy becoming a trusted resource on all topics relevant to your industry, you can build trust and loyalty with your clients. Perhaps you share information on benefits, or updates in the industry that your groups need to know, or even information on wellness tools and tips to keep their employees healthier and happier. Doing these simple things and sharing relevant information with your clients, you become their go-to resource and trusted expert. Quick tip: Target the information you share to particular client groups, and try not to overwhelm your clients with information that is not useful or relevant to the services you provide.

  4. Reward Loyalty. Clients love to be rewarded, and a rewarded client is often a loyal client. Loyalty keeps your business strong and encourages positive word-of-mouth – which is the most effective form of marketing. Referrals from your current client base can help you grow your business further. Consider sending your loyal customers a thank you gift or a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant, or even writing a hand written note. This special treatment will keep your clients coming back. You should encourage your clients to share the positive treatment they receive within their influential circle.

With stiff competition in the insurance industry, being able to build and maintain relationships with clients is more important than ever. A little effort goes a very long way!




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