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Five Ways to Successfully Connect with Potential Clients Virtually

You have the power to leave a lasting impression with online meetings versus in-person 

Key takeaways:

  • The virtual space is an important and essential way to obtain clients
  • There are multiple ways to effectively connect with clients online
  • You can leave a positive impression online just as you would in person  


We have talked about leveraging online platforms to establish your brokerage and your services. You can also utilize the virtual space to fine-tune your sales pitches, share your knowledge and leave a positive impression on your clients. These skills are essential, as it is estimated there will be nearly 80 million full-time remote workers across the US and the EU by 2030.

Meeting virtually is now a preference for many companies. As a broker you are familiar with adjusting and finding new ways to connect with clients. To help you on your way, here are five touchpoints you can use to inform and captivate your potential clients online. 


Five ways to connect with current and potential clients online

  • Email campaigns: Email marketing is highly effective for connecting with leads. You can share helpful information, while offering gentle reminders of the services and plan options you have available. You can also use email to check in with your existing clients, like offering a quick ‘hello’ or sending a birthday wish. If you are planning to email multiple clients at once, there are platforms to help you automate your email marketing. Staying connected will allow you to keep building relationships even while you are seeing your clients less in person. 
  • Inbound marketing: This is the practice of creating helpful and engaging content that is relevant to the needs of your clients. You can get creative and share your knowledge through infographics, videos, webinars, or e-books. This will build your credibility and demonstrate your ability to educate clients and solve pain points, which can ultimately lead to sales. 
  • Organic social media: 82 percent of people in the United States have one or more social media profiles. So, you can reach a wider audience than ever. Promote your business by posting helpful content and responding to comments. Check out our tips for growing your business with Twitter for more ideas. 
  • Targeted ads: Targeted ads help generate new leads and connect with potential clients who fit a specified set of criteria. You can select demographics like age, location, and interests, to help you generate leads and get your brokerage in front of the right clients. 
  • YouTube: Video content has been shown to boost click rates by 380 percent on average. That is lot of potential eyes on your brokerage. Find out more about how you can engage your clients with the power of YouTube. 

How to make a positive impression online versus in person  


There is something about video conferences that can put people on edge. Some of us feel extra pressure to present a professional image to make up for working from home. There is also the worry that our kids or dogs will make too much noise in the background. 


Whatever the situation, it is important to go the extra mile to engage people on your video calls, just as you would in person. If you are looking to take your digital client meetings to the next level, check our tips below:

  • In person, you might show up to the meeting a few minutes early … 

…Online, try logging in about 5 minutes prior to your scheduled meeting time 

Being punctual for your meeting has just as much impact online as it does in person. For a virtual meeting, be sure to log in early so you can check your microphone, camera, background, and lighting. This will ensure you are ready when your clients join you and allow you to put your best foot forward. 


  • In person, upon meeting someone you might shake their hand…

…Online, try making direct eye contact and addressing clients by their first name

Meeting for the first time online versus in person can be a bit jarring. But as virtual meetings have become increasingly common, standard etiquette has emerged to help us all navigate this new normal. When meeting someone virtually, be sure to make direct eye contact with your camera rather than glancing at your screen. This will help you convey a stronger sense of connection. Also, make sure to address meeting attendees by their first name, and use it often to foster a quick sense of familiarity. 


  • In person, you might offer them water or coffee…

…Online, start with a little small talk to make a genuine connection

When attempting to connect virtually, small talk is no small thing. Engage in polite “get to know you” conversation before diving straight into business. It will help put your clients at ease while setting the foundation for increased loyalty to your brokerage. 


Connecting with clients while not being face-to-face can present challenges, whether it is during open enrollment or adjusting benefits for the coming year. Thankfully, you can capitalize on these new and emerging technologies, and make them work for you. Be sure to keep connecting with your current and potential clients online. It will show that you care even when you cannot meet in person.

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