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First Appearances: Why Your Teeth Matter as an Insurance Broker

As someone who sells health, dental and vision insurance, you want to ensure that your customers can trust you. This means that along with offering the best services you can provide, you should also make sure that you have a trustworthy appearance. First appearances matter more than most people like to admit, and this includes aspects like your teeth!

The truth is that you might have a hard time selling dental insurance to your customers if you don't have healthy-looking teeth yourself. Here are a few reasons why your smile matters:

Prove That You Believe Your Own Words

One part of selling health and dental insurance is convincing your customers that they need coverage. Like many insurance brokers, you probably give your customers facts and statistics about the importance of being covered. However, if you don't have a nice, healthy smile yourself,  your customers might think that you don't believe in your own pitch and that you don't take your dental health seriously.

Show Off the Awesome Services You Sell

Another part of selling dental insurance is telling your customers about the networks you provide and what they can take advantage of. You might rattle off some numbers about how many dental care professionals they'd be able to see if they buy insurance through your brokerage.

However, if your teeth aren't looking their best, they might wonder if it'll be more difficult for them to get dental care in their area. They might also worry that only simple things are covered, such as teeth cleanings and they might question if they'd be on the hook to pay for more expensive services.

Project the Right Image

Overall, as an insurance broker, it's important for you to project the right image. Along with coming across as professional and helpful, you also need to be trustworthy. It's a tough sell for you to tell your customers the importance of dental insurance and how crucial it is to their health, when you aren't taking advantage of it yourself. 

Take advantage of your connections to secure good coverage and practice good oral hygiene for both personal and professional benefits.

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