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How Dental Insurance Brokers Get More Sales by Not Selling

It’s more apparent that the assertive pitch sales approach is a thing of the past. A new approach for dental insurance brokers to get more sales is actually to stop forcing to make a sale. Instead, win your client's business by learning about them, figuring out what their concerns are, and showing them professional respect. 

Learn about their world. 

Know what’s going on in your prospect’s world. Once you begin speaking, people can usually tell if you are winging it or if you actually know what you're talking about. By looking up information on the prospect’s industry, as well as your own, you are coming to the table with valuable knowledge. You will be able to share your insights and what they mean for the client. So tell them about the trends in their industry for the past two to three years, along with upcoming shifts. Also, tell them about the benefits industry and how private exchanges and defined contributions can save them money. If they have not been doing the research, they will have learned something from you. And if they are aware of the information you are sharing, you will have scored major points for taking the time to really learn about their world.

Find out what keeps them up at night. 

Understand what keeps your client up at nights and come ready with some solutions; if you have done your leg-work, you will probably find that other companies have or are having similar challenges. How did they approach these problems? Which approaches had the best outcomes? Being able to understand your client's concerns are and giving solid advice that's grounded in research (and not just your opinion) goes far in building trust with your client.

Show them professional respect. 

Have they found solutions to the issues they are facing? Is there an approach they are interested in trying? Asking your clients these questions shows a kind of professional respect. You are interested in how your client thinks and you’re not assuming that they have not given their issues any thought or made attempts to fix them.

By taking these steps, you are switching from peddling your services to being a knowledgeable and competent advisor. Like a great advisor or counselor, you have given your client center stage by:

  • Inquiring about problems they face and how they have addressed them
  • Sharing examples of companies who've faced similar challenges and how they resolved them
  • Educating them about valuable research on current and future trends in their industry

With this new approach, you are simply trying to communicate to the client that they are the priority. Because this is a client giving you the opportunity to sell your skills and services. And even if you don’t get a sale that day, you have laid a good foundation for a future relationship. At the minimum, you have a good reference. Continue to build your selling skills by downloading our free How-to-Guide! Click the image below.


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