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Millennials: An Untapped Dental Insurance Market

The millennial generation, born between 1982 and 2000, aren't signing up for dental insurance. They provide a variety of reasons including: student debt resulting in a tight budget, unemployment and/or employed but not yet offered benefits with their employer. It’s important for insurance brokers to target this untapped dental insurance market. Consider the following suggestions to reach the millennial audience: 

Advertise: Be Prepared for an Unexpected Problem

The mouth of a millennial may have minimal issues at the moment. They assume that because they are young and healthy, they will not have a dental problem for years. They figure they can get dental insurance in the future when it is more likely they will have an issue. However, dental problems occur for all ages. A 24-year-old can suddenly have nagging tooth pain or end up with a chipped tooth after playing catch with friends. Without dental insurance, these common yet unexpected dental problems result in a major out-of-pocket expense. Let millennials know that dental issues do occur at all ages. Encourage them to be prepared for the unexpected by being insured now. Provide information about the cost of the dental insurance policy compared with out-of-pocket cost an uninsured person pays for a major dental issue. 

Emphasize the Importance of Catching Problems Early

Seeing a dentist regularly can detect signs of trouble early, while it is still easy to fix the issue. She or he can catch a problem before it causes pain—both in the mouth and wallet. Finding an issue in the early stages means the procedure to repair the problem will be minor. Waiting a few years or longer may result in more serious dental issues that require more invasive and pricey treatments. Millennials don't want to waste money. Let them know that by spending a small amount now, they will save in the long-run. 

Put a Price on it

Dental insurance isn't as expensive as many millennials think it is. They are acquainted with the cost of health insurance and may assume dental insurance is in the same ball park. In reality, it is significantly less expensive. Equate it to something they can relate to. For example, dental insurance is the same cost as eating out each month at a local, popular restaurant. If a millennial can afford that, they can afford dental insurance as well.

Emphasize the Big Picture

Seeing a dentist regularly provides greater benefits than just keeping your teeth clean. Provide millennials information about the connection between oral health and overall health. Discuss the link between cardiovascular disease and your mouth. Emphasize that dentists are able to identify serious medical issues such as oral cancer. They also can detect sleep-breathing issues and provide a referral for appropriate medical treatment. Visiting the dentist regularly is about more than keeping your teeth healthy. It is about your entire body.

With education, more millennials will be interested in signing up. Debunk the common myths and provide compelling reasons that dental insurance is beneficial, even for those in their 20s and early 30s. As an insurance broker, you can make a difference with this untapped dental insurance market.

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