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Stand Out: Create Customer Loyalty

Competition can be stiff out there, so make yourself invaluable and create solid client loyalty.

According to Forbes, the latest information from COLLOQUY (a customer loyalty research organization) shows that 84 percent of 1,500 people surveyed prefer incentives over discounts.

Along with seeking benefits for participating in social responsibility programs, sharing links and information on social media, and practicing energy conservation methods, consumers want incentives for living a healthier lifestyle. They want to be rewarded for remaining active, eating right and generally taking care of themselves.

Makes sense, right?

In the world of health insurance, you and your product are the incentive. Already in its essence, health insurance rewards customers with the security of protection through coverage. It also rewards by encouraging healthy lifestyles as it influences general medical costs and insurance premiums.

But insurance doesn't sell itself.

You can use the know-how you already have to show your worth to clients new and old alike. Employ positive motivation over scare tactics and threats of "what could happen" without the proper coverage. Everyone now knows the consequences of not having coverage. They don't need a looming and awful reminder.

With the passage of the ACA, all Americans are required to carry some form of health insurance. Not only that, but all are given the opportunity to read and review plain-language summaries of their benefits and coverage, including a glossary of terms. Confusion seems to still prevail over the health insurance industry. More and more people who were once not eligible for plans suddenly have become active customers.

Even as you pursue business with companies, be sure to maintain an air of calm understanding as you proceed with them. They will likely have lots of questions. You can guide them so that they may better advise their employees. This knowledge that you bring to the table can encourage repeat business.

Here are a few more tips for building and maintaining stable, devoted relationships with your clientele:

1) Let your clients know that their business matters to you.

Like any other relationship, you want your client to feel appreciated and valued, not as though they are simply another expendable statistic. Learn about them on an individual level and reinforce your willingness to take their words to heart.

2) Be open and communicative.

Lay out in clear terms exactly what it is you're doing for your client. Let them know what services you will provide and why. It is your job to provide those services, but there is an added level of trust in keeping your customers informed.

3) Allow room for flexibility.

We've all heard the business adage, "Turn your 'no' into a 'yes.'" In this industry, that can sometimes be rather tricky. Be sure to have a sturdy comprehension of all of your products and policies. In addition, do what you can to see problems and situations from your client's point of view. Loyalty is born of empathy.

Remember: any company seeking a health insurance provider will havevarious offerings with similar rates and services. Be the one to stand out with that added personal touch and unwavering aptitude. 

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