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3 Types of Survey Questions Brokers Should Ask After Open Enrollment

Open enrollment season is coming to a close. And with many, if not all, meetings going online, it’s time to gauge from your clients how successful this year’s open enrollment season went…by way of surveys. Open enrollment surveys are one of the better ways to gain helpful feedback from your clients and their employees. Designing and distributing a survey that enables your clients to give you the direct feedback you need can be challenging. To help get you started, here are three common questions you should include in your survey to help you improve your future open enrollment meetings and make them more impactful.

1. Communication Questions

Communication is important and knowing how and when your clients wish to be contacted can really go a long way in building your customer satisfaction rate. Here is an example question to ask to learn how to communicate better with your clients next year.

What line of communication works best for you?
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Video
  • Chat
  • Other

How satisfied are you with the level of communication provided during this year’s open enrollment?
  • Very satisfied
  • Satisfied
  • Not satisfied
  • Comment Box:

2. Comprehension Questions

According to Aflac’s Workforce Report, nearly 70% off employees find open enrollment to be stressful and 75% percent of employees reported it was because they did not understand the benefits they were offered. In this section of the survey, it is beneficial to include the option to leave additional comments on questions for more detail on what to adjust moving forward. Below are a few example questions:

List 3 things that you felt went well during this year’s open enrollment meetings.

  • Comment Box:

How confident do you feel that you understood the benefits plan information that was presented to you during open enrollment?

  • Very confident
  • Slightly confident
  • Not confident

When designing the survey, you have the option to offer anonymity to participants. However, if you choose to view or collect identifying information, you can more easily determine the clients who want or need extra help.

3. Feedback Questions

This portion of the survey will yield additional information on how you can maintain or refine your open enrollment strategy next year. Feedback question examples include:

Overall, how satisfied are you that this year’s open enrollment educated you on the benefit options and enabled you to make the right choice?

  • 1 – Very satisfied
  • 2 – Satisfied
  • 3 – Unsure / Neutral
  • 4 – Dissatisfied
  • 5 – Very dissatisfied

How satisfied are you with the benefits choices available to you this year?

  • Very Satisfied
  • Satisfied
  • Not satisfied
  • Comment Box:

Take these questions and customize them as needed for your clients. Try to balance your survey with both multiple choice questions and free response questions to provide your clients the opportunity to voice their opinions. There are many survey building platforms, such as, SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics through which you can design and distribute your satisfaction survey. After receiving the responses to your survey, you can generate a full report on the results and use it as a strategic guide in the future.

Are you looking to take your open enrollment approach to the next level this year? Make sure to download our open enrollment tip sheet by clicking the image below.

broker open enrollment tip sheet