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The Future of Dental Benefits: Bundling and Teledentistry

In recent years, the dental insurance industry has undergone significant changes. There have been advancements due to technology. Innovation has also been born from the COVID-19 pandemic. Plus, more people understand the connection between oral and overall health. It all adds up to making dental an essential part of your portfolio.

We will look closer at the developing industry and consumer trends. And we will see what they mean for you as an insurance broker selling dental. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The dental insurance industry is evolving. Brokers and clients can benefit from innovative approaches.
  • Bundling and cross-selling of medical and dental plans is becoming increasingly common.
  • Teledentistry offers a solution to Americans. Many people face barriers to accessing oral health care.
  • The connection between oral and overall health increases the demand for dental and medical services.
  • Brokers can enhance their reputation as trusted advisors by being a "one-stop shop." That includes medical, dental, and vision benefits.


Bundling and cross-selling

Medical and dental plan bundling is becoming increasingly common. One national survey found that the number of health plans offering adult dental benefits has doubled since 2018. The same study showed that 46% of dental respondents expect to bundle benefits. 54% plan to collaborate with a health insurance carrier by 2025.

The bundling trend does present a challenge for standalone dental insurance carriers. It will require them to compete in an overcrowded market. However, it will lead to more benefit choices for brokers and their clients.

You can bring consumers and employers a "one-stop shop" experience. Imagine having medical, dental, and vision all under one roof. This benefits package will promote overall well-being. In addition, bundling presents cost-saving opportunities and streamlined enrollment and administration.

With the ability to bundle and cross-sell, you can enhance your reputation as a trusted advisor. This leads to stronger relationships and more selling opportunities.


The power of teledentistry

Despite having insurance, many Americans still face barriers to accessing oral health care. One in three people avoid the dentist due to anxiety, and there is always worry about cost. On top of that, nearly 70 million people live in areas with a shortage of dental professionals. That's where teledentistry comes in.

Consumers can receive oral health care and education virtually. It is a featured benefit of many dental insurance plans, which your clients can use. If their needs can be met through teledentistry, they can avoid travel and save on cost.

Some dental insurers have also invested in mobile dental programs. This involves bringing dental equipment and services straight to patients.


The dental-medical connection

Increased oral and overall health awareness can lead consumers to seek dental and medical services. For example, their dentist detects an oral health condition requiring medical attention. If you present a dental and medical insurance bundle to your clients, they will be more inclined to stay in business with you.


As the dental and medical insurance industries evolve, carriers embrace innovative approaches. This is where brokers and clients can benefit. For more tips on selling dental to clients, get your FREE tipsheet on making your benefits stand out.

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