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3 Tips for Delivering Engaging Presentations


From new client meetings to open enrollment – your ability to deliver engaging presentations to your clients and their employees is an integral part of your role as an insurance broker.  If you can come across as knowledgeable, engaging and confident, your presentation will be one your audience will never forget. Here are three tips to delivering engaging presentations. 

Enthusiasm is Contagious

Presenting with enthusiasm starts with a genuine smile.

  • Whether the audience is a group of five or a room of 100, an authentic smile energizes both the presenter and the audience and joins them in a shared experience. That smile actually will light up the room like sunlight, and keep your audience engaged with the message.
  • Have fun. If the presenter seems to be at ease and having fun with the presentation, the audience is likely to want to join in.
  • Create avenues for the audience to contribute to the content. Have them generate ideas in small groups, for example, and become a cheerleader for their ideas.

Of course, it goes without saying that you will have practiced your presentation a few times before the day you meet with your audience. That practice gives you the confidence you need to relax into your presentation and allow your enthusiasm to shine.

Storytelling is Riveting

Connecting to an audience is done by having them relate to you; we are all naturally drawn to stories.

  • Regardless of the subject matter, the presentation’s key points can be offered using real-life examples: how an insurance product worked well for someone who needed it, what happened when someone did not use a product, what led up to a person needing the product.
  • Throw in some thought-provoking messages. Everyone will sit up and notice what you’re saying.
  • Add humor—but not too much because that would distract the audience from soaking up the content. Just enough to punctuate and humanize the stories. And let’s face it, presenting insurance isn’t the most fun experience so liven it up a bit to keep your audience engaged through the end.
  • Use language that is visual, not dry, whenever possible. Notice above it says everyone will sit up and notice, rather than, everyone will pay attention. Notice the phrase soaking up the content, rather than just saying “learning.” What was your reaction to those more visual words?
Memorable Presentation Materials Work Best

It seems obvious, but the audience will more easily recall a slide with one clear phrase or short sentence than one with a graph or set of five bullet points.

Remember that there are no limits to how many slides you show, but there are limits to what the audience can see on one slide and be able to recall—so it is most effective to use more slides with less information per slide.

How does a great presenter inject humor and creativity into the slide part of the presentation?

Sometimes—again, not too often—the presenter can show a relevant graphic or rendering. Or, slides can have an engaging theme (related in some way to the content) such as photos of their organization or something they can connect with on a personal level.

But above all, the slides should be the background to your passion and your subject. Remember that the presentation—in the form of you the presenter—is what truly engages the audience, not the slides. When that works, the audience gets the message.

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