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Three Facebook Practices for Your Insurance Agency

The insurance industry has always been about building trust and relationships with your clients. It's easy to demonstrate your industry knowledge over lunch or go the extra mile for a client with a claim. But in today's digital age, the human connection is often via email, tweet or text. Successful agents and brokers need to tap into Facebook for audience reach and communication. Here are three best practices to manage your agency Facebook page:

Create Accessibility

Clients generally have a series of questions before switching insurance carriers. These days, Facebook is a key source of information for clients who are looking for convenient answers. Facebook has over 2.20 billion monthly active users! Your agency page should be accessible and clear to new potential clients. Make sure to promote your office hours, contact information and to be responsive on Facebook Messenger. The key is to delegate someone in your office to monitor the page for questions, comments or interest.

Promote Brand Consistency

Facebook for businesses only works if you're using it. Be consistent with your posts and content engagement. To promote reliability, be sure to use the post scheduling feature to line up your posts or shared articles on a weekly basis. Be consistent with the content that you share. Offer some dental tips or wellness articles. Avoid politics, religious debate or inappropriate rhetoric. Instead, be steady, frequent and reliable with what and when you post.

Review & Referral Management

Consumers tend to rely on reviews when making their buying decisions. Facebook is an excellent tool for agencies to manage their reviews and ask for testimonials. It’s your opportunity to engage clients and prospects authentically. Use posts, comments and business reviews as your opportunity to reach out to each individual person. It's your chance to build the relationship and provide customer service. Be honest and professional with each reply and show your customers that you're listening and that you care.

Engage in these three practices and you will reap the benefits. With consistent hard work and close management, you will be on your way to creating a successful business Facebook page. For more convenient online tools to assist you with your business, check our Quick Quote Tool to get a dental or vision quote with just a few clicks.

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