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Best Practical Travel Tips for Brokers on the Move

Most businesspeople travel to a certain degree – and brokers are no exception. You’re on the go between conferences, open enrollment meetings, finalist presentations and then back again! Whether you travel locally or are venturing to cities nationwide, the actual task of packing and making it to your destination can be tedious, stressful and for lack of a better word, annoying! Luckily, there are many helpful travel tips to make your next trip run a bit smoother. You will be ready to hit the ground running!


Key Takeaways:

  • Work travel can be tedious and stressful
  • There are many travel hacks to make your next trip a bit smoother
  • Pack light and stay organized
  • Keep your devices charged
  • Bring versatile clothing
  • Do your best to be a pleasant traveler – you could be rewarded!


1. Try to keep it light.

You hear it all the time, and rightfully so! It is some of the wisest advice you’ll get for being on the road. You will want to get in and out of the airport quickly. So, try packing all your items in a convenient carry-on bag rather than a larger check-in bag. Wheelie bags and duffle bags are great options. This will cut your time in half (or more) when you arrive at your destination - you’ll be booking your ride-share car or haling a taxi within 10 minutes while the rest of the travelers will still be in the baggage line. Don’t know how to travel light? Keep reading!

Quick tip: have a connecting flight? Pack a small carry-on with one outfit and a few toiletry essentials just in case your bag gets lost (it happens).

2. Stay charged.

You’re going to want to stay in contact with the people who need to be aware. This includes employees, clients, and your boss. So, make sure you charge your communication devices the night before your flight. If you know you’ll be without access to an electrical outlet to charge your device for an extensive period of time, you may want to invest in a portable charger. There are countless options and brands, including Mophie, Anker, Apple MagSafe and Otterbox. Take it from us, they can come in handy!

3. Mind your manners.

It may be the furthest thought from your mind, but a smile goes a long way – especially when the atmosphere of traveling is stressful, and people are grumpy (can you say cancelled flights?!). By being a flexible or pleasant passenger, you could find yourself enjoying travel rewards, such as being upgraded to first class. You may not get a treat every time you exhibit kindness, but you’ll go into the whole experience with a different mentality and chances are it’ll be better than what you originally had planned. Plus, an upgraded car or flight isn’t too shabby, either!

Pro tip: You can get ahead of the game by signing up for a free airline loyalty program or a credit card that generates travel rewards.

4. Pack versatile clothing.

Newsflash: You don’t have to pack three suits for a three-day conference! How about one full suit and different business shirts to change it up? Maybe throw in a few other accessories as well (watch, jewelry). For the ladies: change your hairstyle on one or two of the days. When it comes to clothes, no one is going to remember that you wore the exact same set of pants more than once – if they do, they obviously were not paying attention in class.

5. Pick the “better” security line.

The shorter security line at the airport is not always the fastest one. Pay attention to your surroundings. Look at the guards and security personnel running the check-in lines. Are they having side chats while on duty? Maybe they’re on an extended coffee break. Basically, if they don’t look like they’re hard at work, choose a different lane to get moving as quickly as possible.

Formidable tip: Register for TSA Pre Check and skip the line drama.

6. Eat and sleep right.

You need all the energy you can get when you’re traveling. Try to get your packing done a day or two before schedule so you can rest the night before. Eat a good, balanced dinner and something for breakfast to get you through the long day ahead. It will improve your overall mood no matter how early (or late) your flight is.

7. Bring earbuds.

You never know who will end up next to you on your trip – so come prepared! Earbuds will allow you to concentrate if you want to catch up on some work while traveling. They can also give you peace and quiet if you need some extra shuteye before arriving to your destination. They’re only a few dollars, for wired or wireless earbuds – save yourself the headache.

8. Keep your essentials organized.

As frequent travelers, we’re sure you’ve experienced the passenger in front of you sorting through their carry-on looking for items before they make their way into their designated seat. Don’t be that person! Have a bag with all the things you’re going to need during your trip – cell phone, notepad, a book. Whatever it might be – have it easily accessible so you don’t hold up the line and stress out when you feel pressured to move along.


We hope these tips shed light on ways you can improve your business trips. Whether you are traveling frequently or just a couple times a year, these simple suggestions are ones you will want to put into practice to make sure your trip runs as smoothly as possible. Feel free to print this out and use it as a checklist to prepare. Safe travels!