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What are CE Credits?

As a broker, getting your clients the best insurance that fits their needs and their budget is a big part of your job. But there’s another crucial aspect, and that’s continuing education (CE). To continue to grow as a professional, it only makes sense to continue to build your skills and education. We’re going to discuss the importance of CE credits and why they’re not just important for professional growth but your personal growth as well.

It all started in the 1900s, when Universities started to offer courses and degrees advertising to past students to continue their education after they left the classroom. To stay knowledgeable in the field and keep on top of industry standards, it then became a requirement for professionals to take these extended courses. Now in the technological age – continuing education courses are easier to take than ever! But you’re probably wondering – that’s great, but what does this have to do with being a broker and my business?

Great question! As an insurance broker, depending on which state you practice in, there’s a specific number of CE credits you need to take in order to keep and renew your license each year. Taking these courses helps you keep up with industry trends and new developments, hone in your skills, and make sure you are offering your clients top of the line service. Not sure how many CE credits you need? Click here to see what your state requires! You can earn credits on several different topics, including but not limited to:

  • Life and Health Insurance Essentials
  • Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Clients and Your Practice
  • Ethics
  • Life and Health Insurance Laws
  • Small Businesses
  • Financial Planning for Today’s Consumer
  • Senior Needs Planning
  • IRA Rollovers
  • Medicare
  • Survey of Employee Benefits
  • ACA and the Basics of Health Insurance Exchanges

As everyone’s learning style is different, make sure to keep yours in mind when choosing your courses. If you prefer to discuss face to face with an instructor and work with your peers, enrolling in a degree program at your university or taking local community courses would be the best setting. If you prefer to work on your own time and do the course load on your own, enrolling in an online course seems to be an ideal option.

There are many options to take and earn your credits. Whether you register into a university’s degree program, take classes within your community, or enroll in an online course – continuing your education is possible while expanding your career. To help you get started, we want to offer you a 12-hour CE credit voucher from WebCE ON US! Click the link below to get yours today.

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