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4 Virtual Business Cards to Wow Your Clients and Leads

You just finished a great meeting with your clients or are about to close on a potential sale. This is the part where you would hand over your business card, send a follow-up communication, and seal the deal. But our usual ways of doing business have changed due to COVID-19. Now that most of our chats are virtual, how will you still be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors without that in person interaction?

The answer –  a virtual business card! Here are a few of the best sites and apps to help you create one and to make your follow-up communication stand out. is a one-page website you can personalize for free. Showcase your company, skills, bio, website and your contact information. For a monthly fee, you can add a schedule feature that allows your client’s or leads to make an appointment with you, show testimonials, analyze page analytics, and more!


According to Inigo, 88 percent of your business cards are thrown away and never used. With their app, you can create and send your virtual business card in minutes by text or email – your client or lead doesn’t even need to have the app! Their contact information is automatically saved and tracks how many times they view your card. Add your phone number, email address, social media accounts, directions to your office, and more. If you’re on or manage a team, you can customize each member’s card to fit company branding and update each card with new information at one time. They offer a free version for individuals or a 14-day free trial for teams, so you can prepare to close.


Switchit allows you to really get digital by adding videos to your virtual business card to capture your client’s or lead's attention. Allowing you to share your card through online user portal, text message, email, social media, a QR Code or POS system makes your contact information very accessible. Another great feature is it provides a follow-up reminder that set alerts and synchronizes to your calendar to make sure you speak to your client or lead.


The world’s largest contactless business card provider, Haystack is used by 8 million people. Having the same features as the other apps mentioned, one feature that makes this app stand out is having the ability to scan a client or lead’s business card that will automatically upload to your CRM, Outlook or emailing list. Another great feature is being able to add your business card as a banner in your email  signature and has integration features with over 30 software’s and platforms. They offer a 30-day free trial and have additional pricing options for more features.

After you’ve gone digital and have a great, new business card – it’s time to update your LinkedIn profile! Check out our LinkedIn guide to make sure you’re utilizing your profile and looking your best to your clients and potential leads!

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