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7 Skills Health Insurance Brokers Can Market to Clients

Buying health insurance is not the same as buying life insurance or even a new car. As a health insurance broker you know that, but many of your clients and potential clients don't. Once you explain to them all that the process of buying health insurance entails, they will see the value you bring to the table and why you're worth doing business with. 

Health insurance is not just about policy terms and price. You help your clients make better decisions, both now and in the long term. Let's look at seven skills health insurance brokers can market to clients and how can build these benefits into your branding and marketing strategies, as well as in your sales presentations. 

1.  Helping your clients remain focused on their businesses

Small business owners are very busy. A lot of them can't take time away from their  business to research the ins and outs of health care provisions and coverage. Demonstrate to them that you are able to help get the best coverage for their companies needs.

2. Giving your clients options.

You can save your clients time by presenting them with a properly-researched set of options. This way they can make the right decisions for themselves and their employees.

3. Showing your expertise

As an independent broker, you have in-depth knowledge and across-the-board experience. You know what questions your clients should be asking, so you can help them get a deeper, broader understanding and paint a clearer picture of what they are actually paying for, what their employees are paying for, and what additional, optional coverages they might need. Then they can make their decisions based on properly researched solutions, which will include how easy it is to work with certain companies compared to others.

4. Advising them for the future

You can help them to look ahead. Health care needs are constantly changing, so as an independent broker, you can offer new and appropriate options to your clients.

5. Educating your clients

You willingly spend time educating their employees. This helps with their decision making, and also helps them to see that their employer has gone the extra mile (even if you do the work!) to get them the right benefits. That will help the employer feel good about you, and will keep the relationship tight at renewal time.

6. Providing advice 

When it comes to renewals, you will know all about the changes to the health insurance industry. So you will be able to explain them in such a way that everyone understands them more easily. If you believe your client should move to a new carrier, they will value your advice as a single-carrier agent cannot provide this information like you can for your clients.

7. Supporting your clients through their claims process

When it comes to claims, you and your experience will be there to act as an advocate and to provide support.

Your skills, knowledge and experience deliver value to your clients. Marketing the additional value you bring is a big part of your branding as an health insurance broker. As you continue to market your skills to your clients, don't forget the power of networking and update your LinkedIn profile!

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