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4 Steps: Teach Clients How to Choose a Dental Insurance Plan

Understanding your clients’ needs can be complicated. People are more empowered than ever to do their own research and may be less trusting than they used to be. Clients can make comparisons between plan types and pricing options, all without talking to someone. What we can be certain about is that people are likely to look for flexible and affordable solutions to their benefits needs.

In order to secure your place as their trusted health insurance broker—and make effective dental plan recommendations—you really need to get into what clients are looking for. Here is how:

  • Put yourself in their shoes: It pays to know your clients and groups well. By understanding them and their needs you will not just be selling them the plan you think they need. Discuss what matters most: Competitive rates? Network size? Covered services? Think about what could benefit them and allow them to understand their full range of choices.
  • Consider an online survey: This will measure client satisfaction with your offerings, determine critical needs and offer the opportunity to effectively communicate and build personal relationships. Online surveys are quick and easy to set-up —and can help you get direct answers about what is important to your clients. You will be best equipped to tailor your offerings and convert prospects to clients.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate: Bringing on new clients and groups is only the first step. You cannot make the best recommendations for their dental plan if you know nothing about them or their employees. Each client will have unique needs—what works for one client or group does not work for another. Make sure you are in contact with your clients about what is important.
  • Know your products inside and out: Understanding your clients also means knowing your dental product offerings. Each plan has distinctive features and advantages. And you need to know their nuances so you can recommend the best fit.

It is time to make the choice easier for your clients by knowing exactly what they want—maybe before they even know. As you work on your client base, think about earning more CE credits. Solstice is offering up to 12 credit hours for FREE


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