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ACA Open Enrollment is Here: Why Brokers Should Take Note

ACA individual open enrollment through state and Federal exchanges launched in November. As enrollment in exchanges continues to rise, working with individual clients can be an added – and lucrative – revenue stream. If you’re an insurance broker working with individual clients, here are some key ACA enrollment dates to keep in mind:

  • Last day to sign up for a new ACA plan is December 15th, 2021

  • Last day to make alterations to an ACA plan is January 15th 2022

Your clients will be looking to satisfy their essential health benefits (EHB) as well – including dental. Consider enrolling them in a stand-alone dental plan that meets the dental EHB while also offering rich benefits they will enjoy year round.

If you have individual clients - be sure you’re certified to sell flexible dental plans that are available standalone and on/off the exchange. Sign up with Solstice today to get selling! Just click the link below to get appointed.


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