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Advantages of Stand-Alone Dental Benefits

When you eat out, do you ever feel inclined to pay the extra few dollars for a combo meal -- adding a bag of chips, a drink, or a dessert -- even though you don't want to add all those extra calories to your order?

When it comes to dental benefits, you and your clients are presented with a similar choice: Is it better to go with a  stand-alone dental plan or with benefits that have been bundled together?  Well, that all depends. What type of coverage does the group really need? Do they prefer dental coverage offered through their health insurer that may be limited, or do they want a dental plan from a dedicated dental carrier? 

A large number of employers believe it is better to go with a stand-alone dental plan.  Here’s why:

Dental Plan Experts

Dental carriers are dental specialists. It’s like comparing two recent college grads, one who has a degree in general math and another who has a degree in accounting. Which one would you rather have balance your books? Exactly! Dental carriers have plenty of experience creating different types of dental plans that suit people with various dental needs, lifestyles and budgets. 

Expert Dental Staff

The staff at a dedicated dental insurance company eats and breathes “dental”.  Many of the employees at a dental insurance carrier, including officers and senior management, have background knowledge of dentistry and dental insurance. They also receive in-depth training on dental products, dental terms, claims processing and more. Additionally, they have whole departments, whose sole purpose is to resolve dental provider concerns, as well as make sure they meet internal and state standards. Not to mention the team servicing your group’s employees—­­stand-alone dental carrier’s customer service team members are trained solely on dental benefits.

As you know, member satisfaction leads to your group’s satisfaction. So, picking a carrier who delivers the highest level of service for the benefits offered is an important factor.  

Hassle-free Claims Processing

In general, the more often you do something, the better you become. Dedicated dental carriers deal with a lot of dental claims throughout the year.  Because of their experience, their claims processing systems are effective, quick and accurate. Their investment in training and in technology, allows for a hassle-free claims process, ensuring that claims are processed faster and easier. 

Freedom to Choose

Stand-alone dental benefits give your group the freedom to choose their dental carrier and not just accept the dental options offered by their health insurer. After all, the expert on the needs of your client is your client and not the health insurance plan. With a stand-alone dental option, groups get to shop around and choose a dental plan that provides the quality, affordable plans their members need. 

So, when faced with the decision to select a stand-alone dental plan or bundled benefits, choose the option where the dental plan is you and your clients main focus. While you help your employees choose a plan, take some time to improve your skills and earn your broker CE credits! Click on the image below to receive a FREE voucher up to 12 credit hours on us! 

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