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Open Access Network: Why You Should Sell It

Selling ancillary benefits to clients has never been so easy. Why? Three words: Open Access Network. Here's how it works:  

Why is an open access network better?

Unlike other dental HMO (DHMO) plans in the universe, your clients will have the best experience with open access DHMO plans. In an open access network, your clients can visit any dentist in the plan's network freely without a referral. With open access, plan participants never need to pre-select a general dentist. They can switch providers as many times throughout the contract year as needed.

Open access removes the rosters process, so participants can see their dentists and get the treatment they need quickly. They also don't have to worry about calling their insurer's customer service department to select a dentist or waiting up to a month to be added to their roster, then waiting for an appointment, calling back to change dentists, etc. Sounds great, right? 
If you aren't working with carriers who offer open access networks in their plans, it's time to consider making a change. Alleviate the pain points associated with traditional DHMO plans by offering your clients an open access network plan.

Not only will your business prosper, but your clients will be relieved to know they have access quality care by saying goodbye to frustrating rosters and hello to hassle-free benefits! To learn more about open access networks, click below for our FREE infographic! 

Break free from rosters Here's what an open access DHMO Network can do.