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4 Tips for High Levels of Success this Open Enrollment

You might be asking yourself, what do I present at open enrollment? Making the right first impression with your clients and their employees is key to a successful relationship. These tips for successful open enrollment will help you wow your clients and become an OE expert.

Key Takeaways:

  • Set the tone for open enrollment by making a great first impression
  • Understand the needs of your clients and present based on them
  • Make sure you clients understand the information you are providing
  • Ask for client feedback during and after enrollment

Provide the right amount of information. Give meaningful info - the stuff they need to know to make an educated decision on their benefits. Find out what’s the most important information your client and their employees need to know and tell them. 

Know what kind of information to provide. This somewhat ties in with the first and second points. Not only do you want to be concise - but you also want to be informative. Once you figure out what the needs of the group you're presenting to are, make sure you have the right material to talk to them about. Handouts, charts, and promo items are all good things to have on hand to help you with this!

Make it easy to understand. According to a Maestro Health survey study, roughly one-third of employees don’t understand or know anything about their coverage. When presenting new plans or changes to your client's coverage, be sure they fully understand the information you are providing. In the Maestro Healthy study, they found that it was the employers that were failing to communicate health care benefits to their employees. 

Ask for feedbackA great way to know that your clients have an understanding and are ready for open enrollment is by asking for feedback. Follow up with your clients with a survey asking questions such as, “Did you read about the new telemedicine benefit in the newsletter?” or “Did you find the desk drop with tips for open enrollment helpful?” Have open-ended questions too, as you never know what feedback could spark a new idea for next year. This feedback can help you plan a strategy to give an even better open enrollment experience for your clients next year. 

Open enrollment can become overwhelming with all the benefit plan information and possible changes that come up. With the help of these tips, you will be able to shed some of that overwhelming feeling off of your client's minds and give them an open enrollment feeling they will never forget! Want more useful open enrollment tips? Download our free guide by clicking the image below! 

broker open enrollment tip sheet