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Insurance Brokers: Open Enrollment for 1/1 is Here! How to Prepare

Insurance brokers nationwide are all set for open enrollment season for 1/1 implementation…right? Here are some ways you can make sure your open enrollment meetings go smoothly. It’s all about preparation and developing good habits!

  • Get a jump start. It head help head off uncertainty among open enrollment participants if they have their materials in advance of the meeting. That way, they can go through them and perhaps answer some of their own questions. Then that will give you more time to dig deeper into their benefits during the meeting.
  • Avoid information overload. You definitely have a lot to fit in and not much time in which to do so. However, people’s attention spans are pretty short—especially when being bombarded with a lot of technical stuff. Hit the most important points right out of the gate. You’re there to educate them on their benefits. And, you’ll also need to be able to read the group and know what they’re most concerned about. Typically it’s medical and dental coverage, so pace yourself in the meeting so that information gets top billing.
  • Know your audience. In all likelihood, there are people of all ages sitting in your open enrollment meetings. Your presentation should include benefit information that pertains to all ages—from those just starting their careers to those getting toward the end. Young people may have a lot of questions, as they’re new to the whole insurance scene. Others may be going through life changes, such as marriage, children, divorce. Be prepared to address these things.
  • Have long-term recommendations. You don’t want your groups to think of open enrollment as a cycle that begins and ends. As you enter into another OE season, try to get them to think about their long-term goals for benefits. That will help you make recommendations down the road—and better prepared for future OEs.

Best of luck this open enrollment season!

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