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Three Habits of Successful Dental Insurance Brokers

I like watching year in review programs that air at the end of the year. It’s just interesting to see 365 days shrunk down to pictures or moments. It’s even more interesting to me when they review the current year and contrast it with previous years. Then you really see how much things have changed. And so it is in the world of healthcare. In the last two years, headlines that dominate the media include “health care reform”, “the Affordable Care Act”, “private exchanges”, “public exchanges” and more.  Despite the constant changes, dental insurance brokers can weather the times by developing these three habits of successful dental insurance brokers.  

Understand that it’s not about you!

One of the core rules about being a successful dental insurance broker is putting the client’s needs first. As you interact with clients, let this core belief permeate every aspect of your interaction, including how you communicate with the client. Become an active listener. What this means is that you are listening more than you are talking. You are also asking questions to make sure you understand what the prospect or client is saying. OK. You may be saying, “I just don’t have time for that. I need to get in, get out and not be late for the next client.” However, making the time to carefully listen to your client or prospect has major payoffs.  


Payoffs of Active Listening

  1. Helps you better understand your client
  2. Allows you to make recommendations that match their needs
  3. Client is more willing to listen to your recommendations and trust you
  4. People get pleasure from expressing their opinions and experience per a Harvard University let them!

Ask the Right Questions

When you do speak, be sure to ask the right questions. Neil Rackman, author of the book, SPIN Selling, shared the best types of questions that help win larger sales. His impressive research analyzed over 35,000 sales transactions over the course of 10 years. His team also studied 116 factors that affect sales performance, as well as effective sales techniques in 27 countries. The study observed that asking the following types of questions in the order below helped to win large sales: 

1. Situation Questions – Describe your current situation.

2. Problem Questions - What’s keeping you up at night about this situation?

3. Implication Question – What are the consequences of this problem or challenge on your organization?

4. Need-Payoff Questions – How would solving the problem benefit your company?

Once you know your client’s answers, you can show them how your services can help.

Explore the gold mine in your backyard

Your current clientele is a gold mine, pregnant with renewal business and referrals...that is, if you invest time and take care of them. This means contacting them regularly, not just as the time draws close for renewals. Frequent contacts help build a strong relationship. And if you have a good relationship with them, they are more likely to do business with you again AND refer others to you. So, your reputation becomes like money in the bank, accumulating interest that you can live on. 

You’ve heard the phrase that “change is the only constant.” While that may be true, it’s tough to live in a space where there is no stability. Consistently developing and practicing habits of successful insurance brokers, such as putting the client’s needs first, asking the right questions and taking care of your current clients, will position you for success, no matter what direction the waves of change flow.

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