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Making Group Dental Benefits Stand Out

Selling your clients on dental benefits is not always easy. Health insurance takes priority for a lot of clients, and it can be easy to write off dental as a reward of bundling or a secondary benefit. Luckily, presenting the right highlights of dental benefits can go a long way towards selling dental (and getting the extra commission that comes with it). Here are three common dental plan features to keep in the spotlight so you make the sale!

  1. Member Perks / Value Added Benefits

Value-added benefits can go by many different names – rewards programs, discount plans, addons. But the bottom line is that they are any benefit offered in addition to the plan with no extra cost. Commonly, they include added discount plans for services not covered by insurance, benefits incentive programs, free cancer screenings, and more. Know which plans you present to your clients have the most valuable value-added benefits, and make sure your client knows what extras they will have access to for their employees and their families.

  1. Network Savings + Network Access

The provider network is a key part of a good dental plan. But knowing the ins and outs of a network in relation to your client can make an impressive provider network an instant sale. Find out who your clients top-utilized providers are and make sure the plans you present cover them. If your client has a lot of remote employees, make sure there is great coverage by running network and disruption reports (and knowing what they mean). Being able to tell a client their employees will have access to XXX many dentists that offer in-network savings and that they will not lose their family dentist can make all the difference.

  1. Flexible DMO / DPPO Benefits (Open Access DHMO – Customizable DPPO)

Cost and flexibility are always a concern, regardless of the dental plan. Presenting clients with options that are affordable and comprehensive can go a long way in making dental insurance packages stand out. If your client is looking for low cost DHMO/EPO options, present an open access plan that offers easier provider access. Or, if they are looking for a DPPO that fits exactly with their employee needs, present a carrier who can offer a variety of DPPO plans to fit every employee’s need.

Dental benefits can go a long way in making the insurance package you present to your clients stand out. Know the benefits of the plans you are working with, and make sure your clients know the bang they are getting for their buck. Want to learn more about how dental can help you make the sale? Click below to talk to a Solstice team member today!

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